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The digital world has totally revolutionized our perception of the world around us.
Thanks to the advent of the Internet, the world has never been as accessible as it is today.
And one of the main actors of this wide planetary opening is undoubtedly the social networks and the advertising on Facebook and Instagram (Meta group)
Their emergence has allowed the world to be transformed into a large global village opened in a few clicks.

One of its social networks (and the largest in terms of users) is Facebook.
With its nearly 3 billion active users, it is a gigantic marketing tool that we have at our disposal.
As you may have understood, it's an excellent place to get known or to make your business known and at a lower cost.
But beware, if it looks simple in appearance, in practice, it requires some know-how!

Facebook advertising budget

Our 3-step method

Strategy and marketing

Without a minimum of strategy and preparation, your campaigns will be a real FLOP! Who is your message aimed at? What are the problems your audience is facing? How will you make their lives better? These are all important questions that we often forget.

Visual design and copywriting

Once the audience is clearly identified and your compelling offer is created, it's time to move on to content creation. Facebook is NOT a shopping or search platform (although it is becoming more so) like Google. You must absolutely succeed in capturing the attention of your ideal customer and invite him to the desired action. After hundreds of thousands of Euros invested, we know exactly what works in terms of visuals and text advertising.

Pay for performance

The objective of any advertising campaign is to have a return on investment. In other words, invest 1€ and get back 2, 5 or 10€. For this, the analysis of the results and the tracking of the KPI is essential. We will help you to define them and to follow their progression. If your advertising campaign is a failure, our services are fully refunded. You only pay when the objectives are reached!

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What is Facebook advertising?

A Facebook ad contains a visual (photo, video or carousel) and text.
Pretty simple, right?
You can also include a call to action in your publication.
For example:
- redirect to your website
- invite to fill a form
- subscribe to a newsletter
- make a purchase online
- etc...

This ad will be displayed on the website or the Facebook application (most of the time, on the news feed).

The advertising format used on Facebook can also be known as Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is an ultra powerful tool put in place by the social network that allows the user to carry out ultra targeted advertising campaigns.

Several parameters are proposed and allow you to choose targeting criteria such as geolocation, centers of interest, family situation, and many others.
The power of this type of targeting is such that it allows you to reach precisely the type of customers or prospects you are targeting.

This Facebook advertising method offers a wide variety of ad formats. You can make your ads with either: photos, videos, a carousel, a slideshow or even a mini-site.
The adaptation is made according to the terminal from which the user connects to his Facebook account.
In addition, Facebook Ads gives the possibility to put forward your products in the form of offers, thus increasing the conversion rate of Internet users.

Best of all, Facebook ads are not limited to Facebook. In fact, since Instagram is owned by Meta as well as Facebook, your Facebook ads can be deployed there as well, reaching more people.

This will also be the case for mobile sites or applications used by your audience (Audience network)


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How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertising budget

Facebook ads work on a bidding system.
Therefore, it is impossible to give an exact cost.

In fact, Facebook's ad bidding system is affected by 5 main variables: the type of bidding used, the budget, the objectives, the quality of the ad and its placement.

Here are some of the different auctions you can choose from:

  • CPM: the cost per thousand views on Facebook,
  • CPC: cost per click. Based on the CPM and the percentage of clicks on your ad, Facebook will calculate your cost per click.
  • CPA: i.e. cost per acquisition.
    Depending on your ad and the associated action you define (e.g. newsletter subscription, app download, appointment booking, etc.), it's important to know your acquisition cost.

But there are also other reasons why the average cost of a Facebook ad varies.
The very first is online competition in your sector.
In fact, depending on your market, the audience you're targeting may be more expensive than others (for example, a campaign in the USA is much more expensive than one in Belgium).

Another part of the price will be defined by the commercial objectives behind the campaign.
This budget is generally determined by the agency working with you, who will guide you according to your needs.

Finally, the agency's management costs must be factored into your Facebook advertising campaigns, because good management means better profitability!

Votre Site Pro also offers digital marketing consulting to help you achieve your KPIs.

For more details on Facebook advertising, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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