4 Secrets To Improve Your Natural Search Engine Optimization

4 secrets to improve your natural referencing quickly

When you type in your website name, are you the FIRST result?

And when you type in the "keyword" of your business, are you on the first page?

In this article, we will reveal the 4 secrets to improve your SEO quickly.

Let's first talk about the basics for Google to "like" your site.
It must be fast to load (you can test its speed on GTmetrix) and compatible on smartphones (not like websites from 1999).
If you don't have these two ingredients, everything else will be much less effective.

To improve the loading speed of your site, don't forget to compress your images with TINYPNG.
You can also install a plug-in for the "cache" of your website.
They are numerous on WordPress (wp fastest cache, for example).
Some plug-ins will also allow you to simplify your HTML code.

What does a smartphone friendly website mean?
Everything must be readable and easy to navigate (here is a bad example: http://www.aliweb.com).

Once these two items are in order, you can move on to the next four points.

1. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a tool made available by Google, so you can track your ranking in search results.
It will give you valuable information such as: the keywords for which your website is present, your average position for these keywords, the number and percentage of clicks for each keyword.
Go to https://google.search.com and log in with your email address.
Verify your domain by following the steps recommended by Google (validation via the DNS or by a piece of HTML code).
Then submit your "sitemap". (in general it is www.nomdevotresite.be/sitemap.xml).
If you are under WordPress, the Yoast plug-in will create one for you, you just have to copy the link.
Check a few days later if your pages are well indexed.

The 4 secrets to improve your natural referencing quickly

2. Keyword research + Optimization of your page

Then use tools such as Semrush, Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner to find keywords with an interesting search volume and little competitiveness.

Improve your web SEO

For example, if you are an accountant, the keyword "accounting firm" might have lower volume but lower competition as well.
Don't just focus on volume.
Otherwise, you may be up against sites with higher authority and you will have a hard time beating them.
Then optimize your page on these keyword(s).
To do this, follow these steps:
- Name your images with the chosen keyword and the alt-tag of the images
- Insert your keyword in your Meta title and Meta tag (these are the titles and description you see on google when you search)

4 SEO Secrets - Meta title and Meta tag

- The title of your website must include the chosen keyword (the main title is called "H1")
- The "secondary" titles must include synonyms of the chosen keyword (H2,H3,H4...)


3. external links pointing to your website


One of the factors that Google takes into account to position your site is its "authority".
Your authority depends on several factors (seniority, external links pointing to your website, etc.)
To boost your authority, register your website on a dozen free platforms (2ememain, vivastreet, quefaire ...)
You can also publish your blog articles on sites like https://medium.com
There is a difference between "dofollow" and "nofollow" links, we will discuss them in a future article.
In short, a "dofollow" link improves your authority, while a "nofollow" does not.
The "nofollow" links are generally those found on social networks, blog comments, etc..


4.structured data.

Rendez-vous sur https://simplifiedsearch.net/structured-data-generator/ pour créer des données structurées faciles à interpréter pour Google.
Insérez ensuite ce code sur l’en-tête de votre page (entre le <head> et </head>)
Ce site web vous guidera sur le processus, il vous suffira de remplir les informations et le code sera créé automatiquement, sympa non?

Structured Data SEO Natural Refencement


Once you have completed these 4 secrets to improve your SEO, you should see an improvement in your ranking in the google search console.
Log in once a week to follow the evolution.

If you need more information, you can contact our Web Agency located in Brussels.

See you soon,